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National Resistance Front of Afghanistan

The Official Broadcasting Channel (website) of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan is the only official website of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan.

It has been set up to fulfil the mission of the NRF media branch, which from now on, will publish official views and news related to the NRF activities.

This page will serve as an amplifier for the voices of the resilient people of Afghanistan against the aggressors.

Under circumstances that the bigoted Taliban group, contrary to Islamic values and human rights, continues its crackdown on journalists and censoring the media — access to credible news, especially regarding the Taliban crimes, has become more difficult than ever.

Therefore, the NRF website will deliver reliable, accurate, and up to date information concerning development in Afghanistan.

While covering resistance programs and news, the site will also publish documented evidence of the Taliban’s growing crimes so that the people of Afghanistan and the world will be aware of the Taliban’s systematic human rights abuses and war crimes.

Therefore, the NRF urges everyone, especially the youth, to share any evidence of the Taliban’s crimes with the NRF’s dedicated website section.

The evidence will be published on the website of the National Resistance Front and will be sent to relevant international authorities.

The website will entail promoting Islamic values, democracy, human rights, justice and equality, which are the basic principles of the National Resistance Front.


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