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Taliban: From Monopoly to Despotism A look at the Taliban’s deviant perception of Islam and the consequences of their hostility to modern values  

Taliban: From Monopoly to Despotism A look at the Taliban’s deviant perception of Islam and the consequences of their hostility to modern values  

It has been more than six months that the Taliban is ruling over the people of Afghanistan through a secret deal based on ethnic nationalism, but obviously, their actions have conflicted with the Islamic teachings and principles.

The Taliban criminal group has hidden its face behind the veil of religiosity; to pursue its brutal and ominous gaols of monopolization.

It exploits the religious feelings of Afghanistan’s people, massacred opponents of different ideological views, and has adopted the politics of eliminating its opponents.

The Taliban version of the Islamic political system is based on the group’s understandings of the classical interpretation of religion and has mixed it with its extremist ideas.

It derives its legitimacy from the high peaks of religious authority and rule through its flawed understanding. It is based on that they have replaced the will and votes of the people that are the foundation of legitimacy in democracies and is one of the Islamic principles too, with their deviant interpretation of religion.  

Submission, subjugation, and suspensions of rationality and critical thinking are the integral parts of the Taliban political system, and in this system, people are forced to see the King (Amir ul Mominen) as the shadow of God on earth to accept whatever comes from Amir as good.

The Taliban has constantly said that democracy is an infidel system in their propaganda and speeches. For 20 years, they have fought violently against the people of Afghanistan’s human rights and democratic values to underpin their brutal, tyrannous regime, which is fundamentally alien to the Islamic teachings.

Though for the last 20 years, the people of Afghanistan have witnessed widespread changes, but Taliban’s brutal regime actions show that they have not changed their positions and claims at all.

The Taliban’s insistence on establishing a political system based on their group’s interpretation of Islam makes establishing an inclusive and popular-based legitimate system in the diverse society of Afghanistan impossible.

Does the brutal regime of the Taliban think that by establishing their desirable system and taking over the control of the people of Afghanistan, they will ensure social order and justice in the pluralistic society of Afghanistan with the total monopoly?

But the essential question is whether the actions of the brutal regime of the Taliban to impose their demands on the people of Afghanistan against their wills are in line with the essence of the Islamic thoughts? Are not the absolutisms of the Taliban regime in contradiction with the Islamic anti-authoritarianism values?

It is clear that monopolization, domination, and sanctification of violence to ensure coercive order leads to tyranny, contrary to a system based on people’s will.

And tyranny becomes the basis for the growth and formation of all kinds of corruption and destruction in society.

Among all theories and ideas of benevolent thinkers, which have been proposed to curb despotism of power and wealth throughout history, democracy is the only way to go one step further than other means to restrain the despotism of power securing rights, and justice and democratic values.   

In the democratic process, the scope of the state’s authorities is limited and reduced; instead, democratic laws are created based on the people’s will.

This means no one is in a position to impose his wishes and impose laws against the people’s will, in the end, people delegate their power based on the democratic process to their chosen leaders to maintain social order.

The deadliest plague in any society is tyranny. All the emphasis of the Holy Qur’an on the repudiation of tyranny a…

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