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Taliban Handcuffed and  Beheaded 3 Prisoners in Panjsher

Taliban Handcuffed and  Beheaded 3 Prisoners in Panjsher
National Resistance Front, Panjshir: The Taliban behead three prisoners of war. The Taliban criminals arrested and handcuffed Tamim Khan, son of Khosh Mir, a newly-engaged young man, Jan Gul, son of Haji Mohammad Khan, and Faiz Agha, son of Faiz Mohammad Khan, and then brutally beheaded them. 
The people of the Karbashi area buried the bodies of the three martyrs without the presence of even a single member of their families.
The Taliban's treatment of prisoners of war is an example of war crimes and crimes against humanity, and it articulates the Taliban's anti-Islamic and inhumane mentality.
The Taliban detained dozens of civilians and has taken them to prison in Panjshir and other areas in recent weeks.
 The Taliban detained the people from their homes and farms and tortured and harassed them.

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