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16 Taliban Killed in a Battles of Badakhshan

16 Taliban Killed in a Battles of Badakhshan

Badakhshan, National Resistance Front: Heavy clashes between National Resistance Front fighters and the Taliban in the Kohistan district of Badakhshan province have continued since Saturday.

As a result of these clashes, 16 Taliban were killed in the " Midan-e-Baragh" area of ​​Kohistan district.

Meanwhile, seven brave guerrillas of the National Resistance Front, who fought for the institutionalisation of freedom, human values ​​and Islamic ideals for the people of Afghanistan, who fought in a face-to-face battle were martyred.

Meanwhile, the martyrs of the National Resistance Front, by sacrificing their souls, are creating an epic of resistance in the history of Afghanistan. Without a doubt, the history and people of Afghanistan will not forget this eternal epic.

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