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8 Taliban Killed by NRF Forces

8 Taliban Killed by NRF Forces

National Resistance Front, Panjshir: The Taliban attacked the NRF forces at Shaba base, which was met with resistance from the brave fighters.

In an ambush, forces of the National Resistance Front in Panjshir killed eight Taliban members, including Ahmadullah, the commander of the Rahmani Battalion, and seized their weapons.

The Taliban fled their post and scattered in Doab village in residential areas after the NRF forces attacked them.

Mullah Khyber, a Taliban commander, was also killed in the attack.

Mullah Khaybar, known as "Bilal", was one of the brutal Taliban commanders who was involved in torturing and executing many men and young people in Kapisa province.

This is one of the several guerrilla attacks launched by the NRF forces in Andrab and Khost areas in recent days.


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