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Abdullah Khail and Abshar Districts on the Verge of Collapse

Abdullah Khail and Abshar Districts on the Verge of Collapse

National Resistance Front, Panjshir: The Taliban sustained heavy losses when the NRF forces ambushed its Red Unit.

The Taliban Convey was on its way to Abdullah Khel and Anshar districts to conduct house-to-house searches and arrest the Ulamas when it came under the attack from the brave forces of NRF.

All areas of Abdullah Khel and Abshar districts, except the city centres, have been liberated by the National Resistance Front forces. The provincial centres are under siege by the brave forces of the

National Resistance, and the Taliban based there have demanded time to surrender.

So far, five Taliban armoured vehicles have been destroyed, and thirteen of their fighters have been killed.

Earlier in the attacks, the brave NRF forces captured the Doab checkpoint of the Shaabah base in the Hessa e wal district.

As a result, nine Taliban were killed, six were captured alive, and a Humvee and a ranger vehicle were destroyed.

Currently, an intense conflict is going on in these areas.


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