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House-to-House Search by the Taliban Continues for the third day in Kabul

House-to-House Search by the Taliban Continues for the third day in Kabul

Kabul, National Resistance Front: Life has been bitter and exhausting for people in Kabul, and some of the northern provinces as the Taliban continue raids and searching houses.

On Friday morning, March 26, the terrorist Taliban entered people's homes in Kapisa, Panjshir and Kabul provinces in violation of Islamic and cultural values ​​and searched the houses.

The savage group also insulted and humiliated women, men, children and elders during house-to-house inspections by violating citizens' privacy.

This oppressive group also conducted a serious inspection in people's homes in the northern part of Kabul.
During the inspection, the gang's forces looted people's property in Kabul and took away women's jewellery and other valuables.

In many areas, this corrupt group harassed citizens and took them for questioning for unknown locations. People's vehicles were also seized in many cases.

People are now worried about their lives, property, dignity and honour in Kabul and the provinces and are calling for an end to such inhumane acts by this savage group.

According to Islamic and cultural values ​, entering homes and the privacy of individuals and families is considered a crime.


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