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The Demagogic Lies of the Invisible Leader of a Terrorist Group

The Demagogic Lies of the Invisible Leader of a Terrorist Group

National Resistance Front, Kabul: An audio message of the invisible leader of the Taliban, who purportedly participated in the Taliban-proclaimed Ulema gathering in Kabul, was released.

In the audio message, the leader of the Taliban did not mention the dismal condition of the people, including increasing poverty, the deprivation of women and girls from education and the increase in the assassinations and murders of innocent people.

Nevertheless, he spoke many times about security; in fact, the Taliban were the main culprits of disrupting security for decades, killing thousands of men and women through its suicide bombings and attacks.

He dedicated a facet of his speech to people's satisfaction with the Taliban regime, whereas the dissatisfaction, anguish and worry of the people had reached their pinnacle.

If the people of Afghanistan are happy, what is the reason behind the migration tens of thousands of people to the neighbouring countries?

In the audio tape of the Taliban leader, he stated that the military operations in the country have ended, so why are people being massacred by the Taliban in Andraba, Panjshir, Takhar and Balkhab.

If the military operations have ended, why are thousands of troops sent to these areas day and night?

The invisible leader of the terrorist group says that people could not talk about Sharia in the last twenty years, while in the past years, despite many challenges, Islam dictated every part of the life of the people of Afghanistan.

While the Taliban are reaching out to the West to give them legitimacy and attract economic aid, their invisible leader says that he does not accept orders from foreigners.

In the current situation where Afghanistan is occupied, and the Taliban do whatever their masters want, the leader of the Taliban says that Afghanistan is free and independent.

The leader of the Taliban terrorist group said their war with the infidels will continue until doomsday.

In contrast, repeated appeals by the representatives of the Taliban group to meet and hold talks with foreign representatives remain fruitless.

In the latest case, the delegation of the terrorist group left Kabul for Doha to meet for a few minutes with Tom West, the US special representative for Afghanistan.

The group is still fed by foreign aid, cash and non-cash aid flow to Afghanistan weekly.

The leader of the Taliban has also pointed to the end of corruption, dictatorships and ethnic discrimination.

At the same time, all the people of Afghanistan know to what extent the Taliban are corrupt and despots and to what extent ethnic discrimination has reached its peak after the occupation of the country by this group.

Before the start of the meeting, the Taliban confiscated the participants' phones. Thus, so far, no video evidence of the Taliban meeting and its invisible leader has been published.

No woman was present in the meeting, and all the participants were adherents selected from Taliban supporters.


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