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32 Killed and 13 other Taliban were wounded in Panjsher

National Resistance Front, Panjshir: The heavy attacks of the Taliban invaders in different parts of Panjshir province were pushed back by the fighters of the National Resistance Front.

The enemy launched heavy attacks on the NRF base in Faraj, Abdarah, Hesarak, Manjahor, Abdallah Khel, Shaabah, Dara, Abshar, Peshghour and Khanj, met with strong resistance from the brave forces of the National Resistance Front.

As a result of these clashes, the brave NRF forces killed 32 fighters of the invader, and 13 others were wounded.

In these battles, which lasted for hours, the fighters of the resistance front showed great courage and defended their soil and strongholds with full courage.


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