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Taliban Killed a Former Soldier in Kandahar

Taliban Killed a Former Soldier in Kandahar
National Resistance Front, Kandahar: In continuation of their crimes against humanity and the killing of civilians by the brutal Taliban, the Taliban fighters shot a former member of the security forces during a raid on his house in Kandahar. 
The incident happened on the evening of Thursday in the 12th district of Kandahar city.
The former soldier was called Hamidullah, an employee of the security command in the previous government.
Witnesses say: when the wild Taliban fighters raided his house, there was a verbal conflict, after which the Taliban fighters shot him.
Earlier, during a house to house search in this province, an explosion occurred in the house of Mahmoud Alizai, one of the commanders of the former government, which killed one of his family members and injured three others.

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