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In a Protest in Kabul, Women Chanted "Death to the Taliban"

National Resistance Front, Kabul: Several women and girls protested against the killings of civilians by the Taliban in Panjshir.

The protesters called for an end to the crimes of the Taliban with the slogans "Stop Tajiks Genocide", "death to the Taliban," and "terrorist Taliban".

Protesters say that the Tajiks of Afghanistan face the injustice and killing of the Taliban, and the world is only watching the crimes.

In the past week, the Taliban have arrested dozens of residents of Panjsher and killed some of them.

In one case, two days ago, the Taliban shot a former member of the commando units in Kabul in public.

The young man's name was Samim, and he was a resident of Kabul. He had attended a wedding ceremony when the Taliban took him out of the ceremony and shot him dead.


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