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Taliban Shot a Woman Dead in Badakhshan

Taliban Shot a Woman Dead in Badakhshan
National Resistance Front, Badakhshan: Following the Taliban's crimes in Badakhshan, the mercenary Taliban shot a woman dead after a lot of torture.
The woman's name was Zia Gul, a resident of Shahr e Bozarg district of Badakhshan and the wife of one of the forces of the NRF.
The brutal Taliban tortured Zia Gul, who lived in Shahr e Now Badakhshan, to reveal the whereabouts of her husband, who is a member  of the National Resistance Front.
But this courageous woman resisted the torture of the terrorist Taliban and did not reveal the whereabouts of her husband.
It should be noted that this is the fourth woman killed in different events in Badakhshan in the past year.

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