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The Hague Court Once Again Picked up the Investigation of Taliban War Crimes

The Hague Court Once Again Picked up the Investigation of Taliban War Crimes

National Resistance Front, Kabul: The International Court of Justice, The Hague, has authorised an investigation into the crimes of the Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan.

The court judges have said that "meaningful investigations" about war crimes committed by these groups inside Afghanistan could not be carried out.

In the statement of the International Court, it is stated that Karim Khan, the court's prosecutor, can resume his investigation.

Shortly before the Taliban invaded Afghanistan and the conspiracy to overthrow the government, the Hague Tribunal had said that the case of war crimes in Afghanistan could be investigated inside the country; for this reason, it had requested the suspension of the ongoing investigation at the time.

Since 2007, when the initial investigations of the Hague Tribunal on the situation in Afghanistan were instigated, 112 cases of war crimes committed mainly by the Taliban have been brought before the Tribunal.

There is no specific number of Taliban massacres; the group has killed thousands of Afghanistan citizens by organising deadly attacks in the last twenty years.

The killing cycle of this group is still going on. After the invasion of Afghanistan in August of last year, attacks against religious and ethnic minorities continue, and the evidence of the involvement of the Taliban can be seen in all these attacks, which have been linked to ISIS.

For more than a year, human rights organisations have reported many killings and human rights violations and war crimes by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The crimes and killings, in addition to the insecurity of civilians, have put the living conditions of all inhabitants in darkness, and confusion.


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