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Taliban Arrested Several Women Protesting in Kabul

Taliban Arrested Several Women Protesting in Kabul
National Resistance Front, Kabul: Several female students, in a protest at the University of Prof Burhanuddin Rabbani in Kabul, demanded an end to the genocide of the Hazaras by the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Chanting the slogan "security is our right, education is our right", the students called the Taliban's behaviour towards the people of Afghanistan inhumane and barbaric.
They demanded an end to the Taliban's attacks and misbehaviour of the misogynist group against women protesters and innocent people.
They asked the international community to pressure the Taliban to allow women to study in Afghanistan.
Recently, the Taliban group has taken away the right to education and work from women in Afghanistan. 
Also, the mercenary Taliban beat the protesting women who protested in connection with yesterday's explosion in the Kaaj educational centre in the west of Kabul, imprisoned several protesting women and transferred them to an unknown place.
Since last year, especially in the last month, dozens of women have been tortured, imprisoned or killed by the Taliban.

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