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8 Taliban Killed in an Explosion in Kabul

8 Taliban Killed in an Explosion in Kabul

National Resistance Front, Kabul: eight Taliban were killed in a suicide attack in Kabul city near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and six other Taliban were wounded.

Based on the information, a terrorist from another faction same as the Taliban terrorist suicide bombers blew himself up at a checkpoint near the foreign ministry of this group.

Witnesses at the scene say that the explosion occurred when the employees of the Foreign Affairs and Information and Culture of the Taliban were leaving the premises of the ministries.

Information reports that many suicide attacks in different areas of Afghanistan, especially in Kabul, are caused by the internal conflicts of the Taliban leaders.

Unfortunately, four civilians were also killed in this explosion.

The Taliban, who during the previous government engaged in suicide attacks targeting civilian places, police stations, the army and national security forces and martyred them, is now suffering from the chaos and insecurity.

And now the people of Afghanistan are witnessing the destruction of this terrorist group in such attacks which they themselves are the founders of it.


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