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7 civilians, 11 Taliban were killed in Clashes in Takhar

7 civilians, 11 Taliban were killed in Clashes in Takhar

Takhar, National Resistance Front: Clashes between two groups of insurgent Taliban continued for hours in the city of Taloqan, the provincial capital of Takhar Province.

The clash occurred on Saturday, June 11, between Mawlawi Abdul Qadir Hami, one of the Taliban commanders, and the group's intelligence forces in the Kalafganiha area of ​​the city.

7 civilians, including three children, were martyred, and several other civilians were wounded. Three Taliban were killed, and four others were wounded in the fighting.

Due to the intensity of the war, the Takhar-Badakhshan highway was closed for hours; electricity was cut off on the Proja-e Sharqii side and a timber market also caught fire.

Mawlawi Qadir Hami is one of the Taliban commanders fired from the Taloqan Grand Mosque due to internal disputes and replaced by someone else.

Bloody clashes between Taliban members have occurred in the past in Takhar and other provinces.

In this conflict, both sides have used light and heavy weapons, which have destroyed the locals' houses.

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