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Human Rights Watch: Taliban Exerted Mass Punishment on People in Panjshir

Human Rights Watch: Taliban Exerted Mass Punishment on People in Panjshir
Kabul, National Resistance Front: Taliban fighters in Panjshir, based on false allegations of having ties with the NRF, have illegally detained and tortured innocent civilians, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on Thursday, 9 of June. 
Since mid-May, after the Taliban outpost came under attacks by NRF forces in Panjshir province, the fighting has been intensified between the two groups, the report added.
According to the report, the Taliban has deployed thousands of fighters to respond to the attacks by NRF and has also conducted search raids targeting people based on the presumption of having ties with the NRF.
The report states that the Taliban has committed war crimes during the search operations.
Heather Bar, the head of the Women's section of Human Rights Watch, added that it was not enough to express "deep concerns" about the Taliban's crimes, calling on the UN Security Council to re-impose a travel ban on the group's leadership as a form of pressure.
In addition to expressing concern over the plight of women under the control of the Taliban, she called on the UN Secretary-General to visit Afghanistan.
"This could help shift the world's attention to the current situation and increase the pressure on the Taliban to respect human rights and offer global solutions to end the deep humanitarian crisis in that country," she added.
The concern comes at a time when the group has increased arrests, torture, killings, forced relocations of civilians, and is committing war crimes in various parts of Afghanistan for various reasons. Additionally, it deprived women of their right to work, education, and civil liberties.

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