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New details on the overthrow of the Taliban chopper in Panjshir

National Resistance Front, Panjshir: Yesterday afternoon, the brave forces of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, with their combat experience and accurate targeting, managed to shoot down a chopper belonging to the Taliban occupiers in the Arezo Valley of Panjshir province and capture five Taliban occupiers.
The five captured include two pilots, two flight engineers and a Taliban commander who have been held captive by the Mujahideen of the National Resistance Front. Although two other Taliban occupiers were given chance to surrender, but they took up arms and were killed in the clashes.
The captives include Commander Mujib Ur-Rahman, 40, son of Abdul Hamid, from Kandahar, Maqul, 50, son of Ghulam Naqshband, flight engineer from Parwan province, Rohullah, 52, son of Mohammad Alim, pilot from Kunar province, Abdul Matin, 51, pilot from Laghman, and Safatullah, 28, flight engineer from Jawzjan province.
The prisoners are in good condition and they are treated in accordance with Islamic and humanitarian rules and principles and the Geneva Convention.
The National Resistance Front Afghanistan warns that the enemy should refrain from any military operations in the Arezo valley, otherwise the first people who will be harmed as a result of the military actions of the occupying Taliban will be naturally these prisoners. In that case, the National Resistance Front will not be responsible.
The National Resistance Front, unlike the Taliban, which tortures and beheads prisoners, is committed to all Islamic and humanitarian principles towards prisoners of war. These cases makes it more clearer to realize the legitimacy of the National Resistance Front every day.
As long as the Taliban do not respect the will of the people of Afghanistan, do not respect human rights, especially the rights of women and children, and do not accept freedom of expression and do not agree on holding election and do not believe on democracy , our struggle for freedom and pride of the people of Afghanistan will be continue.

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