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Rising ethnic Tension Among Taliban: A Commander Killed

Rising ethnic Tension Among Taliban: A Commander Killed

Baghlan, National Resistance Front: Following the monopoly of power, revenge, and ethnic clashes at the leadership levels of the Taliban terrorist group, the level of ethnic dissent within the group has escalated to the point of armed conflict, insult, and the elimination of other ethnic groups.

In the most recent case, Taliban forces killed a commander named Badri in the Deh Salah area of ​​Andarab district on April 8 for opposing a search of his home. Qari Hilal, another commander who also opposed an attempt by Taliban forces to search his house, was disarmed and humiliated.

Qari Hilal had previously helped the group occupy the Andarab region.

He had been appointed by the Taliban as the commander of the Pul-e-Hesar district police unit, rendering many favours to the group, but recently he was fired.

Local sources within the National Resistance Front say four Taliban fighters were killed in internal clashes between Commander Badri and the Taliban.

The group does not show mercy even to their closest people (who are usually not considered their own) even though they provided them with the opportunity to occupy a certain geographical area in the Andarabs, and even more so to those who call themselves "outsiders". They mostly belong to a different ethnic group and are arrested, tortured and killed.

As a result of the Taliban's ethnic clashes, many of their commanders with different ethnicity, have been relieved of their duties, and several others have been tortured and imprisoned in the past month.

In addition, the Taliban affiliated with other ethnic groups in the Taliban's mono-ethnic and totalitarian rule has been reduced to zero, and they have no executive authority. They are disarmed and insulted.


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