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Suicide Bombers Attack a Sikh Grudwara in Kabul

Suicide Bombers Attack a Sikh Grudwara in Kabul
National Resistance Front, Kabul: Today morning, a group of assailants attacked a Sikh shrine in the Bagh e Bala district of Kabul.
The attack included five explosions, after which the assailants stormed the building and started to shoot.
As a result of the bloody attack, more than 30 people were killed, and at least ten people were injured.
Seven assailants entered the Sikh Grudwara with weapons and suicide vests.
Over the past 20 years, the Taliban have repeatedly attacked various institutions and organisations, even medical centres, using the method of blowing up and then storming in to kill survivors. The group pioneered suicide attacks, and thousands have been killed in the Taliban complex attacks in recent years.

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