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Taliban Continue to Insult and Torture Innocent People in Panjshir

Taliban Continue to Insult and Torture Innocent People in Panjshir
Panjshir, National Resistance Front: The Terrorist Taliban continue to harass, persecute and torture people in Panjshir province.
The harassing and tormenting of people continue under the pretext of their supposed affiliation with the National Resistance Front.
In a video of people being tortured by the Taliban released, a resident of Panjsher said they could not even take their cattle to pastures due to fear of being persecuted by the Taliban. The Taliban recently had beaten and tortured a shepherd.  
The Taliban uses people as human shields after successive defeats and heavy casualties in Panjshir.
Additionally, the group members have taken a forced commitment from residents of the Dara district in the province to prevent further attacks by NRF forces. Otherwise, they will be held accountable by the Taliban.
Video and other evidence of the Taliban war crimes have been recorded in Panjshir and other provinces, showing the group's involvement in killing innocent people.
There have also been reports of widespread Taliban arrests, torture, and even shootings of civilians in Panjshir province. However, the criminal group has always denied these allegations.

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