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Taliban Expadiated Arresting the Former Regime's Security Forces

Taliban Expadiated Arresting the Former Regime's Security Forces

Since controlling Afghanistan, the Taliban has used its so-called amnesty as a trap to detain the former regime's security forces and has arrested, imprisoned and tortured dozens of former security forces.

Nearly a month ago, the Taliban fighters arrested Massoud Arshad, a former officer of the special police forces in Badakhshan, who is still being tortured in their custody.

During a decade of his service, Massoud Arshed was a spokesman for the Badakhshan police force, a member of special forces police in Badakhshan and Sari Pul provinces, and deputy of the reserved unit of Badakhshan police.

After a month, the Senior family members of Massoud Arshad say that they saw him in poor condition with marks of torture on his forehead after a month.

According to his family members, all their efforts failed to release him, and they are worried that the Taliban will kill him.

The Taliban fighters, in the past few months in Badakhshan, have arrested and tortured many members of the security forces, jihadi leaders, tribal elders and former government employees.



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