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Taliban Forced the Protesting Women by Whipping and Torturing to Confess

Taliban Forced the Protesting Women by Whipping and Torturing to Confess

Kabul, National Resistance Front: The Taliban have released a video showing several women purportedly expressing remorse for protesting against the oppressive group actions.

The video features scenes of women protesting and confessing under duress one after another proves that the Taliban are again using repression and torture to hide their crimes.

The brave women, who have suffered the bitter taste of insult, humiliation, repression and torture of the oppressive group, narrate their complaints and how the Taliban intervened in their objections; But the effects of torture and dictating are evident in how they speak.

One of the women detained in the video says that she is the mother of four children and has been away from her children and family for nearly six days.

From the beginning of the  Taliban rule in Afghanistan, the women raised their voices and rejected the tyrannical rule by chanting “bread, work and freedom”.

“The criminal group abducted the protesting women after the Taliban raided a safe house where they lived and were forced to express remorse after being threatened and tortured by the Taliban,” said a relative of the protesting women. They have become free-spirited.

The people of Afghanistan will never accept the repression and torture of the corrupt and foreign mercenary (Taliban).

Six days ago, the occupying Taliban group raided a house and arrested 40 protesters, including 29 women; The same women are now forced to make false and forced confessions after being tortured and repressed.


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