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Taliban imprison civilians in Panjshir

Taliban imprison civilians in Panjshir
Panjshir, National Resistance Front: Terrorist Taliban arrested several residents of "Paryan district in Panjsher
Mohammad Hanif, Allah Mohammad and Mohammad Agha were detained from Kalko village and Zamaruddin, Afsaqaal, Khan Aghaa mir and a shopkeeper from Shal kacha village of Paryan district.
While in detention, they were tortured and beaten.
The Taliban uses civilians as human shields in areas where its fighters receive attacks from National Resistance Front forces. 
The Taliban fighters commit crimes in these areas and are not refraining from any inhumane acts.
Last Tuesday, members of the group arrested and imprisoned dozens of civilians in Dasht-e Rewat of Khinj district of Panjshir province.

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