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Taliban  Reattacked Andarab with Tens of Fighters and Helicopters

Baghlan, National Resistance Front: Following the escalation of the war in Andarab districts and the heavy defeat of the criminal Taliban in these districts, the group now attacked the positions of the brave forces of the Afghan National Resistance Front with dozens of fighters using Helicopters.

The Taliban have been attacking National Resistance Front fighters in the Banu and Pol-e-Hesar districts of Andarab for the past three days, but they withdrew from the area with heavy casualties last night.

But on Wednesday morning, the fighters reattacked using helicopters to land in the  "Qassan Valley" area, and a number of them went to the area by tank and by land.

The Taliban are now harassing locals and raiding people's homes.

Meanwhile, high-spirited fighters of the National Resistance Front are fighting this "ignorance army" (Taliban) and have inflicted heavy casualties on the group in the past few days.


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