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Taliban Suppressed a Protest against Compulsory Hijab

Taliban Suppressed a Protest against Compulsory Hijab

National Resistance Front, Kabul: The savage Taliban forces thwarted women's protests and suppressed the civil movement organised by women in Kabul today. The women took to the streets to show their discontent with the recent decision to impose the hijab.

The women protesters chanted slogans such as "Burqa is not our hijab", "Do not take women hostage", and "Bread, work and freedom" during their march on Tuesday.

After disrupting the women's match, the Taliban detained journalists covering it.

The Taliban wanted to force the women to confess, but after the women opposed, the Taliban eventually detained and arrested the journalists whose whereabouts are still not known.

The Taliban recently declared that the best form of hijab is to wear a chadori, and if they oppose this decision, their male guardians will be arrested and punished.

The issue of education for women and girls has not yet been resolved; yet, the Taliban is deciding on their clothing.

This decision by the Taliban shows that it is using the women's issues as an instrument.


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