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Taliban Tortured and Killed a Man in Herat

Taliban Tortured and Killed a Man in Herat

Herat, National Resistance Front: A man was tortured to death in a Taliban prison in Herat province.

Kazem Rezaei, 50, a resident of Miramur district in Daikundi province, returned to Afghanistan four months ago after 12 years in exile; but the Taliban terrorist group arrested him.

The Taliban arrested the man for being a government employee in the past.

The Taliban kept him for four months and five days in prison, during which time his family was unaware of his fate until three days ago when the Taliban dumped his half-dead body in the Darwazah Malik area of ​​Herat city.

Kazem Rezaei's last words were that the Taliban tortured him every night.

The Taliban brutally killed Qasim Qaim, a former Interior Ministry officer, earlier.
The Taliban first called him on duty and then arrested him and returned his dead body to his family a few days later.

Members of the group went to the funeral of the former government officer and disrupted the ceremony.


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