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Terrorist Taliban Attacked Villages  in Takhar

Terrorist Taliban Attacked Villages  in Takhar

Takhar, National Resistance Front:  Taliban insurgents raided civilian homes in the villages of Farkhar district in Takhar province yesterday morning.

The Taliban's criminal forces are frantically ransacking people's homes and have turned the lives of ordinary and poor people into hell.

The attack was carried out under the pretext of house search operation in the villages of Cheshmeh Garmak, Dahan Zareh and many surrounding villages, as a result of which the youth and men of the village fled to the mountains. The fear of torture and mass murder of young men and women by this terrorist group has caused these men and young people to flee.

The mercenary group detained, tortured, and shot youths and adolescents who could not escape in undisclosed neighbourhoods.

Arbitrary behaviour against all Islamic values of the Taliban fraudulent group has angered the people.

Yesterday, Taliban insurgents shot four young men, killing one and injuring three others in the Khatayan area of Taloqan without any return from their homes.


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