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The Taliban's in charge of Intelligence for "Panjshir" Joined the NRF

The Taliban's in charge of Intelligence for "Panjshir" Joined the NRF
Panjshir, National Resistance Front:  The Taliban in charge of Intelligence, Commander Malik, joined the National Resistance Front.
Due to internal disputes, the commander, together with personnel under his command, recently joined the brave forces of the National Resistance Front.
The Taliban had recently arrested commander Malik, and after his release, he was appointed as in charge of intelligence for Panjsher province.
Disputes between the Taliban have, in many cases, even led to killings within the group.
In the latest case, one person was killed, and two others were wounded in clashes between Taliban insurgents.
The clash took place in Panjshir Bazaar between individuals affiliated with Atiqullah Siddiqui, the Taliban's security chief for Panjshir, and other Taliban forces living in the Kohband district of Kapisa province.
In other news, two Taliban insurgents have been killed in clashes between Taliban forces.
The clash took place in the Khaje Jangle village of Baharak district of Takhar province.

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