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Pakistani Forces Killed 36 in Khost and Kunar

Kunar, National Resistance Front: Six people, including a woman and five children, were killed in Pakistani artillery attacks on a village in the Shelton district of Kunar province.

The victims of these attacks were all members of one family.

Other similar incidents happened in Sarkano districts of Kunar and Torkham districts of Nangarhar.

In Khost province, four villages were bombed in the Spireh district of the province.

The number of deaths resulting from the Pakistani forces' attacks is close to 36.

The mercenaries of Pakistan have not and will not have an answer to the people of Afghanistan in the face of these aggressions.

The terrorist Taliban — a puppet of Pakistan, are waiting for their masters to kill more of Afghanistan's oppressed and defenceless people.

Afghanistan does not currently have the authority to secure its territorial integrity; because the mercenary Taliban is heavily dependent on the orders of its Pakistani masters.

One of the apparent reasons for these crimes is the presence of a handful of Pakistani mercenaries — the Taliban in Afghanistan and it is dancing to the tunes of the region's intelligence agencies.


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