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Taliban Brutally Tortured a Man in Badakhshan

Taliban Brutally Tortured a Man in Badakhshan

Badakhshan, National Resistance Front: A Taliban insurgent commander in the Ragh district of Badakhshan province has brutally beaten a man.

This event took place on Saturday, March 26.

The victim is "Wadud Ziaee", and he was severely tortured by order of "Muawlawi Najibullah" known as "Muawlawi Najib".

Wadud's brother, Abdullah Ziaee, was severely beaten 25 days ago on the orders of Mawlavi Najib by Muawlawi Almas, the Taliban district governor of Badakhshan's Ragh district.

Wadud Ziaee had come to Faizabad (the capital of Badakhshan province) to complain about Muawlawi Najib's extortion to raise funds to reconstruct roads, mosques, schools and the usurpation of people's lands; instead, he was arrested by the Taliban.


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