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Taliban Evicted 70 Families from Andaraab Haa

Taliban Evicted 70 Families from Andaraab Haa

Baghlan, National Resistance Front: The Taliban evicted 70 families from Andaraab; in the persistence of their crimes against humanity, the Taliban forced them to move out of the "Andraab" districts, claiming that the families belonged to members of the National Resistance Front.

After inflicting heavy casualties on the Taliban in these districts, the Taliban began harassing and extorting money from civilians and eventually forcibly evicting a number of these families from different villages of the Andarab haa districts.

The savage Taliban's inability to fight the brave forces of the National Resistance Front and its worsening fighting spirit due to sustaining heavy casualties in Andaraab has forced it to commit crimes against humanity in the districts of Andaraab.

The terrorists have also ordered several residents to leave their homes in the Worsaj district of Takhar and Panjshir provinces.

Earlier, Taliban fighters had taken women and children as hostage, in the Khost and Fereng districts of Baghlan province and tortured them to leave these districts.

Following reports of Taliban human rights abuses in Panjshir, Baghlan and Takhar, Richard Bennett, UN Special Rapporteur, arrived in Afghanistan to examine closely the ongoing human rights abuses committed by the Taliban.

The Special Rapporteur said that audio/video tapes reported "deeply concerning human rights violations" committed in the northern provinces of Panjshir, Takhar and Baghlan, which needed further verification.

Richard Bennett ended his 11-day journey on Thursday.

He said Afghanistan was facing serious human rights challenges and that the Taliban had failed to address them.

"We are concerned about continuing terrorist attacks on civilians," Bennett added.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Afghanistan tweeted that he needed a thorough, independent, and well-informed investigation into recent and other attacks.

The criminal Taliban is committing war crimes in areas where its forces receive counterattack from NRF forces and harrassed civilians arresting, detaining, torturing and shooting them on various charges.


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