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Taliban Evicting Residents of Dara-e-Sochi

Taliban Evicting Residents of Dara-e-Sochi
Baghlan, National Resistance Front:  One Taliban insurgent was killed, and two others were wounded in an attack by the brave forces of the National Resistance Front in Dara-e-Sochi, Khost district of Baghlan province.
The Taliban, on Saturday, raided houses in the valley and conducted a house-to-house search.
The members of the group severely harassed the residents while inspecting the houses.
The criminal Taliban have warned the residents of the Sochi Valley to leave the valley as soon as possible, and they no longer have the right to live there.
Hussein, one of the leaders of the Taliban, was wounded in an attack by one of the anti-Taliban fronts last night in the Khaja Bahauddin district of Takhar.

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