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Taliban Extorting the Repatriated Families 

Taliban Extorting the Repatriated Families 
Maidan Wardak, National Resistance Front: The criminal Taliban attempts to extort hundreds of thousands of afghanis from families returning to the country.
The Taliban have demanded a sum of 500,000 afghanis from at least eight families who have recently returned to Jalriz Maidan-Wardak district from Saudi Arabia.
The group has warned each family that "they will be killed if they do not give them the amount of money asked for."
The Taliban fighters asked the families that "they should be rewarded for fighting for years."
The Taliban intimidation continues under the pretext of collecting tithes and zakat throughout Afghanistan. 
An action that has annoyed the population.  Recently residents of the Andar district of Ghazni province resisted the Taliban intimidation and confronted them. As a result, two Taliban and two residents of the area were killed.

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