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Taliban Have Taken Innocent People Hostage in Wersaj district

Taliban Have Taken Innocent People Hostage in Wersaj district

Takhar, National Resistance Front: Terrorist Taliban fighters have taken innocent people hostage and have tortured residents for allegedly collaborating with the National Resistance Front in the Wersaj district.

A district resident said the Taliban detained his neighbours and has taken them hostage, without investigating.

The Taliban has taken many people hostage and tortured them; three of the hostages were taken to Taloqan city (centre of Takhar), and others were kept in Wersaj district.

In addition, the fighters of the terrorist group forced the locals to prepare food for them, and if anyone unable to do was beaten and arrested.

The Taliban went to every mosque last night and insulted and humiliated the people and asked that they should give food to 20 to 30 fighters of the group.

It is worth mentioning that seven Taliban fighters were killed in last night's battles in the Wersaj district, and the group is torturing innocent people in revenge for its casualties.


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