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Message of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan on the Occasion of International Women’s Day 

Message of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan on the Occasion of International Women’s Day 

In the name of Allah, the One, the Wise and the Mighty!
We congratulate all the devoted, brave, Freedom-loving women and girls of our motherland and women worldwide on the auspicious occasion of the 8th of March. We hope that the day will come when the women of our land will enjoy their fundamental and natural rights, the same as men are entitled to have — the right to participate in all spheres and areas of social and political life.
This year the 8th of March comes at a time when a large part of our country is under the occupation of the Taliban and terrorist groups, and that is why women and girls in our country are deprived of their civil, political, social, cultural, and economic rights and freedoms. The Taliban criminal group responds to the justice-seeking voice of the women of our land with total cruelty, threats, imprisonment and assassination.
The suppression of women protesters is in clear contradiction with the rules of Islam and opposes all universally accepted principles and values.
The occupying group has not limited itself to depriving women of their civil and human rights; but during the raids and forcing people out of their homes, the Taliban has shown that, on the one hand, it is suspicious of all people and on the other hand, it is alien to the religious principles, customs and traditions of our society.
Despite all these injustices and deprivations forced by the Taliban, it is a matter of pride that the courageous women and girls of our society, with great effort and full belief in victory, and steadfastness and resistance, continue their struggles against all the intimidation, kidnappings, assassinations and all despotic and repressive methods of the Taliban, have stood firm to secure and protect their rights.
The leadership of the National Resistance Front believes that women have a fundamental and decisive role in fulfilling the appeal of resistance, which is the freedom of the country from the occupation of the ignorant group (Taliban), ensuring social justice in our country and the right of people to self-determination.
The women of our country, from the streets of Kabul and other cities of Afghanistan to the international tribunes, have shown that they have reached the level of political and social awareness that depriving them of their freedom and rights will not be easy, and unpretentious even to the most authoritarian regimes.
The struggle and resistance of the women in particular and the people of Afghanistan, in general, aim to create a just political system that could bring political stability, economic development and cultural prosperity.
Dear sisters!
Undoubtedly the future is ours. The future belongs to the thousands of men and women who are now either in the battlefield against the terrorist groups or at the forefront of civil protests and disobedience;  because we are the leading force of society; we are the force that is supposed to unveil a new plan in our ancestral land by the will of God;  a plan for the coming centuries so that the future generations of our land live in an environment free from the misery and suffering that tormented our generation and the one before.  This is the great commitment that at this critical juncture in the history of our land, the responsibility for its implementation falls on every man and woman committed to the claim of resistance.  Moreover, fulfilling this commitment is the great historical responsibility that we have inherited from our martyrs. We keep this legacy as a precious trust in our hearts and minds, until the Almighty God gives us the success to build a system based on justice and freedom in our country.


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