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Statement of the National Resistance Front in connection with the prohibition of women's higher education and work in Afghanistan

Statement of the National Resistance Front in connection with the prohibition of women's higher education and work in Afghanistan

The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF) strongly condemns the recent decision of the reactionary Taliban group to ban women from entering universities and work in charitable and non-governmental organizations. It regards their action contrary to the basic principles of human rights, Islamic teachings, and civilizational values.

The NRF supports the resistance of the people of Afghanistan, both men and women, especially academics and students and aid workers, throughout the country against these measures. Banning women's education and work erodes the future of half of the society. It causes not only further ignorance, misery, and poverty, but also presents the worst image of the country and the people of Afghanistan to the world.

While the humanitarian aid provided by the international charities, despite its abuse and manipulation by the Taliban, has been the most important source of funding for the daily livelihood of a large number of compatriots. The Taliban’s action has forced the majority of important aid organizations to suspend their services and thousands of women and their families lose their source of earnings.

Immediately following the collapse of the Republic and the occupation of the country by the proxy and reactionary Taliban, the NRF called for national resistance by the Muslim and freedom-loving people of the country. In more than a year, this resistance has expanded and strengthened in the streets and universities of the urban areas, the mountains, plains, and villages of our beloved country by the awake and aware generation, both women and men, at the cost of hundreds of martyrs, wounded and prisoners.

Parallel to the legitimate defense inside the country, there has been unprecedented support by Afghanistan diaspora for the national resistance in major cities around the world, accompanied by active international diplomacy in defense of the right to resist and restore democracy with respect for international laws and human rights. The NRF has turned the national resistance into an important popular base and a source of hope for the defenseless people of the country.
While the NRF gives preference to a political solution and considers international and regional contacts as important and welcomes the continuation of humanitarian aid within the framework of respect for human rights, it has been informing and warning the neighboring countries and the international community about the nature of the Taliban and their terroristic goals, violent trans-regional extremism, and short and long-term consequences of their rule over Afghanistan.

Recent Taliban’s measures, such as banning women's education and employment, which will certainly not be the last measures, are set to worsen the living conditions of the country's people and intensify instability contrary to national and international values.
Under such conditions, the world is now indeed disappointed with its constructive engagement with the Taliban. Also, millions of compatriots are fed up with their brutality and oppressive rule as well as the increasing internal tribal, personal, and sectarian rifts among the Taliban. It is now imperative for the global community to come together and take united, responsible, and forward-looking steps to save Afghanistan from a deeper and wider catastrophe.
The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan welcomes the comprehensive, clear, and explicit statements of the regional countries and the international community in condemning the Taliban’s inhumane and un-Islamic actions. It calls for joint practical measures to address the current crisis in the country.


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