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Statement of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan Supports women's struggle for Freedom!

With the realization of atrocities and crimes committed by the Taliban and the violation of human rights and women rights, in particular, the National Resistance Fronts declares to support those who raises the flag of freedom, justice and human rights in and outside the country special our sisters in the 'Oslo Meeting'.

After the collapse of the system and the formation of the National Resistance of the people of Afghanistan, the voices of justice-seeking women and men inside as well as outside the country in defense of freedom, fundamental and civil rights, and defiance of the oppression by the group of ignorance and darkness has turned a glorous page in the history of freedom. The Resistance Front supports women's steadfastness to achieve freedom and the right to work and educaiton.

The Taliban is constantly seeking to capture, abduct, torture and suffocate the voices of the people of Afghanistan, especially the women. However, raising the voice of the women in the 'Oslo Meeting', especially to represent the protesting Women's Movement in Afghanistan, has decimated the real voice of the women of Afghanistan that the world should not ignore.

The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan would liek the world, especially the European countries, to recognize the demands of women of Afghanistan for equal rights against the Taliban's inhumane treatment of women, which is against the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We wish more victory for all the free and resilient men and women of the country who, in the most difficult circumsatences, do not give up searching for justice. The Resistance Front believes that opression and tyranny cannot silicen the voice of the people of Afghanistan but will streghthen resolve to continue the struggle for freedom.


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