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Statement of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan

Statement of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Dear compatriots, brave defenders of our land and resistance fighters, Peace be upon you!

First of all, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for continuing your glorious resistance against aggression, terror, war, obscurantism, oppression and occupation.

Your widespread participation and dedication in civil protests despite the risks, in the cities of Afghanistan and around the world following the call for a nationwide resistance, opened a new chapter in the history of this land and its internal and external dealings with the world.

The loud cry for justice of Afghanistan's brave women and sisters against oppression, discrimination, and tyranny expanded the geography of the resistance and turned it into a patriotic and humane demand.

These displays of resistance and dedication by you, our proud people, gave new hope to our nation in the context of the grand geopolitical developments in the region, and revived the aspiration that, with the help of God and your great efforts, we will continue together on this path to the end of the road until the final victory.

We are sure that It is partly as a result of your determination and protests that the world denied recognition to the Taliban.

Brothers and sisters!

The Taliban continue their criminal acts, brutal killings of civilians and military personnel, repression and field executions, violation and pillage of public property, invasion of people's homes, discriminatory policies, bigotry and tens and hundreds of other misdeeds.

These are meant to supress our voice and silence our rightful demands for justice and freedom.

Massacre of worshipers at the Seyedabad Grand mosque in Kunduz, forced evictions of civilians from their homes and property, especially in Kandahar, Panjshir, Daikundi and Andarab provinces, abductions by the Taliban, are all clear examples of war crime, genocide, ethnic cleansing and can qualify as crimes against humanity.

Taking all of this into consideration, the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF) calls on the relevant national, regional and international organizations to take the necessary and urgent measures to address the humanitarian plight, to protect human rights and to end the crimes committed by the Taliban

terrorist group in our country.

Dear compatriots,

We welcome the sensible and appropriate stance taken by the countries of the world against the recognition of the Taliban administration and the emphasis on the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan. We expect that this policy shall continue.

Without a doubt, Afghanistan needs a truly inclusive government, based on the will of the people and composed of diverse ethnic groups, to be able to represent the fundamental rights and true demands of the people.

Our vigilant and wakeful compatriots!

The secret agreements during negotiations with the Taliban and in the framework of the negotiation process that our people had the full right to know about, as well as the surrender of the government to the Taliban by Mr.

Ashraf Ghani and his escape with the public treasury in a clear case of national betrayal, led to the collapse of the political system, the loss of the achievements of the people and the fall of the country into the laps of extremism and murderous terrorism.

Dear compatriots!

The NRF strives for a political system that has been established by the will of the people and through a legitimate and legal process.

It also considers it necessary to work and collaborate to protect the legitimacy of our country and to establish Afghanistan's rightful position in the world.

In this regard, we are endeavouring in cooperation with other prominent actors of our country, including political and Mujahideen personalities, the reputable individuals from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, epresentatives and senators from the National Assembly, true scholars of our country, our brave women, the elders and influential people of various ethnic groups, the brave military commanders and officers of our army, the thinkers and the cultural figures, to adopt the necessary measures to contain the crisis caused by the collapse of the political system.

The NRF is making all the efforts to move from the status quo to an ideal situation, so that with God's blessing we will one day see the return of legitimacy to the country, lasting peace and the establishment of Afghanistan's great place in the world.

The NRF fights against religious extremism and terrorism by believing in a rational and moderate reading of religion and the intended aims of the law, and stands in defence of our land, independence, rights and human values.

The NRF's struggle yet again shows that thousands of our compatriots from east to west and from the north to the south of the country, including the National Hero of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Massoud, and Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani, were martyred in pursuit of the true cause.

In order to save our homeland from the current difficult impasse, I ask my dear compatriots to maintain their unity and solidarity.

We firmly promise that we will not give up the struggle and resistance until such day when we will have achieved the legitimate goals of our people.

In the hopes of victory.

Ahmad Massoud


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