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Taliban's Deception under the Name of Hostility with ISIS

Taliban's Deception under the Name of Hostility with ISIS

On the third day of the Taliban so-called Ulama gathering, with the presence of Taliban representatives and its supporters, which was held in Kabul, the terrorist group adopted a new trick to suppress the opposition voices and deceive the international community.
By organising the Ulama gathering, the terrorist group sought approval from the Ulama of Afghanistan to subdue the critics and opponents of the oppressive and autocratic regime. On the other hand, to garner the international community's support in the fight against ISIS.
In article seven of the Ulama gathering resolution of the criminal group, it is stated: "We loudly say that the rebellious phenomenon called Daesh is the Kharijites of our times and the false sect that spreads corruption in our Islamic country, and it is not permissible to provide any kind of help or have any kind of relationship with them."
Whereas in Afghanistan, under the rule of the Taliban, there are many terrorist groups such as: "Al-Qaeda, Jamaat-ul-Ansarullah of Tajikistan, Islamic Movement of East Turkestan, Katibat Al-Bukhari of Uzbekistan, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan", a branch of which is closely related to ISIS, and are closely linked with the Taliban.
Earlier, reports of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri's pledging allegiance to the emir of the Taliban terrorist group were published in the national and international media, indicating the renewal of the pact between the Taliban and the al-Qaeda network.
In the same way, the Taliban's leniency and non-confrontation have shown toward other fundamentalist groups in the gathering of its mullahs, except for ISIS. It becomes clear that this group work together with all terrorist groups because they have collaborated with the Taliban in the occupation of Afghanistan and are still working with it to achieve its goals.
Evidently,  the Al-Qaeda network, the Islamic Movement of East Turkestan, and the Jamaat Ansarullah of Tajikistan are living under the rule of the Taliban, and the alliance of the Taliban with these terrorist groups has posed a serious threat to the security of the region, neighbouring countries, and the world.
From the announcement of the clear hostility of the Taliban toward Daesh, it appears that the efforts of the group to pledge allegiance to Daesh have not been successful. Therefore they are trying to use the ploy of war to suppress Daesh and their political opponents and critics by obtaining Sharia permission from religious scholars.
The Taliban want to pursue two goals through the shrewd method of enmity with ISIS; One is to gain the support of the international community and countries that are concerned about the activities of ISIS in Afghanistan, and the second is that the Taliban know very well that the people of Afghanistan do not support their authoritarian regime. The range of opposition and resistance against this group is increasing daily. Therefore, they have chosen the trick of enmity with ISIS as a good justification to suppress and destroy its opponents.
For example, this criminal group tries to identify and eliminate its opponents and critics and then announce that they have killed people associated with ISIS.
What they did not long ago, in the provinces of Takhar, Parwan and other parts of Afghanistan, civilians critics and opposed to the authoritarian regime were killed, and then it was announced that the Taliban had destroyed ISIS forces.
Therefore, the Taliban's hostility to ISIS is to suppress critics and opponents of the regime and to deceive the international community so that they can eliminate their ideological and political opponents on the one hand, and the other hand, by gaining the support of the international community, a basis for recognition and interaction.
But since the beginning of the "Doha" peace talks, the Taliban have shown that they do not adhere to any of their commitments and have always lied to the international community and the people of Afghanistan.
With this bad history of the Taliban, we believe that this group has engaged the world and the people of Afghanistan with lies and deception to pave the way for as many terrorist groups as possible to unite in Afghanistan and to achieve their next goal, which is to make the region and the world insecure.

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